Our Mission

Serve Great Coffee Fast and Conveniently with a Positive Attitude

ABout Us

Dancing Mule Coffee Company was conceived and developed by Randy Austin and Ryan Hart. Dancing Mule Inc. is solely owned by their families.

Randy and Ryan see an opportunity for a coffee company capable of introducing customers to the top tier of specialty coffee with a friendly and fast service. The focus is to educate without intimidation or condescension. Randy and Ryan also believe it is possible to be serious, even “stubborn” about great coffee without being arrogant and too serious yourself. The use of the Mule in the name and logo is symbolic of this belief. The Mule is a serious animal purposely bred for serious work capacity. The Mule has a long history in coffee and is the state animal of Missouri. The name and logo suggest the Mule is happy to dance after consuming our coffee.

The Dancing Mule ties to the famous story of the origin of coffee about Kaldi and his dancing goats. The second part of our mission is to provide fast and convenient service without compromising quality. There is no reason why coffee or other related beverages served through a drive-thru window should be of lesser quality than drinks served in the café. The last part of the mission is to maintain a positive attitude. We want to work in a positive atmosphere and provide a positive atmosphere for our customers and employees.