Dancing Mule Beans

We have a wide variety of whole bean coffee available usually 14 – 18 different blends and single origins available. Our selection includes fair trade and organic certified coffees and a range of roast level from light to “Darker than Dark”. All of our coffee is bagged as whole bean. We can grind it to order when it is purchased. Coffee stays fresh longer as whole bean so the best practice is to grind directly before brewing. We adhere strictly to this process in the shop, but recognize not everyone has a grinder or wants to take the time for that step at home. All of our pre-packaged coffees are 12 oz size. We can bag our House, Espresso, and Decaf blends in 8, 12, or 16 ounces. We also have 5 lb bags available, generally with a pre-order, of House, Espresso, and Decaf for those who want to stock up.

What is the best way to choose a coffee to brew at home?

Our advice is to be adventurous because that is the fun part of trying different coffee than you might have already experienced. Try coffee with a different roast level or from a different origin than your usual. Start with a blend if you want to be on the safe side. We picked our house blend because of it’s universal appeal. A blend is a mixture of at least two different coffees. Blends are created to keep a consistent flavor profile because coffee is an agricultural crop and varies from year to year. Single origins are from a single farm or growing region. They tend to be more variable in flavor profile and exhibit the characteristics of the area where they are grown. Every step in the growing and production of coffee affects the taste in the cup. From the varietal, the soil, the climate, the altitude, the care and skill of the farmer, the processing, the shipping, the storage, the roasting, the freshness, and the last steps including the grinding, brewing, and serving of the coffee, all have an impact on taste. Giving us something to ponder and appreciate as we are enjoying an excellent cup.

Kona Blend – Pacific Islands

This blend combines the uniquely smooth taste of Pacific Island coffees with the buttery boldness of classic Kona.

Flavor Profile

Light Aroma and Taste. Buttery Texture. Sweet Finish. Roast Level - Medium Light. Process - Blended.


This Tanzanian Bourbon varietal is grown in the fertile volcanic soil of the northern region of the country and showcases the bold characteristics that make East African coffee famous. We have balanced the brightness and body, allowing the development of natural sugars by taking the roast to a medium level.

Flavor Profile

Rich Aroma, Full Body, Lingering Sweet Finish. Roast Level - Medium Dark. Process - Washed.


This blend of varietals which includes Typica, Catimor, and others, acquires its distinct body and taste from a unique ‘wet hulling’ method, a variation of the traditional semi-washed process. While it does exhibit the ‘Earthy’ flavor characteristic of most Sumatran coffee it is pleasant and subtle in the cup.

Flavor Profile

Heavy Aroma, Syrup-like Texture, Fig, Chocolate and Earthy Strong Bittersweet Finish. Roast Level - Medium Dark. Process - Semi Washed/Wet Hulled.

Papua New Guinea

Grown in a remote region by villagers with a long heritage and tradition of coffee production, our Papua New Guinea’s deep fruit characteristics stand out in the cup.

Flavor Profile

Velvet Texture, Dried Fruit, Low Acidity. Roast Level - Medium. Process Washed.

Nicaragua Nueva Segovias

Central America is known for some of the best coffees in the world, and this Nicaragua blend is no exception. Nueva Segovias, the region this coffee is grown in, has been garnering praise for its quality coffees.

Flavor Profile

Sage and Spice Aroma, Subtle Sweetness, and Chestnut Character. Roast Level - Medium. Process - Washed.

Midwest Blend

This Blend was developed to hit the literal sweet spot between a light and a dark roast: the level of development where acidity has been diminished, yet bitterness has not been created. A perfect blend for our Midwest sensibilities.

Flavor Profile

Candied Walnut, Oak, Bakers Chocolate. Roast Level - Medium Dark. Process - Washed and Natural.

Las Lajas Costa Rica

This coffee benefits from the rich soil of the nearby Paos Volcano and the passion of the Chacon family, which shines through in their harvesting and processing.

Flavor Profile

Floral Aroma, Buttery Texture, Molasses and Caramel. Roast Level - Light. Process - Honey.

Green Planet – South America, Ethiopia

We love our Planet and coffee that is Certified Organic and Fair Trade and sourced Direct Trade. We also love coffee that tastes great. Green Planet is not just politically correct it also delivers a delightful cup.

Flavor Profile

Rich, Full Body, Floral Aroma, Tastes of Cocoa. Roast Level - Medium. Process - Washed.

Finca El Manzano – El Salvador

For six generations, this family farm has been growing coffee in the volcanic hills of Santa Ana, El Salvador. The hard work and dedication to their craft are evident in their outstanding coffees.

Flavor Profile

Full Aroma, Roasted Nut Flavors, Strong Balanced Body. Roast level - Light. Process - Washed.

Fero Sidama – Ethiopia

The Fero growers union is a member of the Sidama Coffee Cooperative. Our Roasters first visited them in 2010 and were impressed by their organization. The coffee reflects their attention to detail and has never disappointed.

Flavor Profile

Clove, Brown Sugar, Citrus. Roast Level - Medium Light. Process - Washed.

Darker Than Dark

This is the Darkest of our roasts and brings an intense smoky flavor with a lingering finish. If you like a dark roast you will love Darker than Dark.

Flavor Profile

Smokey Aroma, Bittersweet Flavor, Dark Roast Finish. Roast Level- Very Dark. Process - Blended.

Dancing Mule Espresso

A versatile three-bean blend makes a straightforward and balanced shot with light citrus notes and a honey-sweet finish, yet it still has the depth to create a kickin’ latte or cappuccino.

Flavor Profile

Citrus, Honey Sweetness, Balanced. Roast Level - Light. Process - Honey and Washed.


The blend was specifically designed for the unique cold brew method which brings out the sweetness and low acidity level of these coffees. We offer our cold brew as Iced Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, and as a take-home Growler. We also use our Cold Brew as the base for most of our Frappes and Iced Lattes.

Flavor Profile

Great for Cold Brew, Low Acidity, Chocolate Sweet Finish. Roast Level - Light. Process - Blended.

Dancing Mule Decaf

This Central American blend has the caffeine removed at the KVW Decaffeination Plant using a state-of-the-art process. This preserves and protects it’s distinctive full flavor. We believe decaf drinkers are true coffee lovers because they drink coffee to enjoy the taste and not just the buzz.

Flavor Profile

Herbal Aroma, Light Malty Sweetness. Roast level - Medium. Process - Washed and Natural.

Dancing Mule House

This diverse blend pairs the eccentric flavors of Costa Rican and Tanzanian coffees with the fullness of our Papua New Guinea. The light roast preserves the brightness and clarity of this coffee’s natural flavor. Creating an all-day drinking coffee experience.

Flavor Profile

Citrus, Floral, Honey-like Finish. Roast Level - Light. Process - Honey and Washed.